100th SCOPE & the Power of Prayer

You guys, I can't even tell you how excited I am at what the Lord is doing in the Christian TTC Community! We are seeing testimonies shared, hearts changed, healings happening,  marriages restored, faith renewed and PREGNANCIES! Pregnancies, you guys!! In couples who had lost hope! In couples with horrible diagnosis! In couples who were one month away from IVF! It's amazing.

I just hit my 100th Periscope milestone, and I need to tell you this- I wanted to give up. More than once. But by God's grace I pressed on, and man I'm glad I did. Back in September, the Lord put it on my heart to begin studying Hosea. And long story short. I told God that I wanted to be quickly obedient, like Hosea. Then I quit praying immediately because I thought, "wait, what if God gives me something really scary to do?"

A couple hours later I had the courage to begin talking to Him about it again, and I began seeing specific steps of what God wanted me to do. It was like a flood of ideas rushed past me so fast I could barely keep up with the current. I was furiously writing. I was crying. I was scared. And He wanted me to start in such an unlikely place- Periscope.

So. Completely. Outside. MY COMFORT ZONE! I would be risking my reputation and my heart, and I was terrified. But you guys- the emails, messages, pictures, testimonies I've received since then have BLOWN ME AWAY. It's not me. It's not Periscope. It's the Lord moving in this community of Christian women and couples trying to conceive. I'm so proud of you all for listening to the Lord, for pursuing His purposes, for getting on your knees and giving it all to Him!! We are going to set ourselves apart from the TTC Community that does not know the Lord, and I believe we will see salvations as a result.

If you have a few minutes, watch this video, where I share part of the vision for I Am Fruitful that God has given my husband and I. I also share an awesome word about prayer, if you need some fuel for the day!!

If you have a heart for couples dealing with infertility or loss, we will be posting a list of ways you can get involved by using your time, resources, and talents!! So check back soon!