What in the World is God doing?

As I stare at a blank page unsure of where to even begin, I quietly ask the Lord, “What is your heart for this community? What do you have to say to these ladies and families?”

As we wrap up National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), do I write something for the mom who has never met her babies because of miscarriage? Or maybe to the family who just decided on adoption. Or what about to the ladies who are just starting their “ttc journey” and going through what we like to call “delayed fertility.” Or maybe I’ll write to everyone with “unexplained infertility.” Wait, no, I have it- I should write to the woman who’s truly infertile. She like really never had children. She’s gone through menopause. And she has told God “no thank you” on that Sarah miracle. Yes, maybe I should write to her. Or to the mom who has a child at home but is struggling with guilt and shame and- oh yes- secondary infertility. She definitely needs a pick-me-up. Who am I even writing to, Lord?

So I come back to my quiet questions with the Father. God, what is your heart for this community? What do you have to say to these ladies and families? Because I don’t want to write another article just for the sake of another awareness week.

Well I believe He has ALOT to say and here’s what He dropped on my heart.

It doesn’t matter if you’re literally infertile or considering adoption or already have kids at home but about to start yet another round of IUI. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had 7 failed IVF’s or your husband has no sperm or you’re battling cervical cancer. It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account or your HSA. It doesn’t matter how many eggs you have, what shape your uterus is, or what size your cysts are. It doesn’t matter how many recurrent miscarriages you’ve had or that you can’t seem to get past the 1st trimester. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never conceived, and you know what?!- It doesn’t matter if your issue is so bad that it didn’t even make this list!

And here’s why!

God’s not intimidated by the list I just gave.

God is not upstairs biting His nails wondering “How do I get her out of this mess?!"

He is not preoccupied or too busy for your issue.

He has not forgotten you or stopped listening to you or put your mail at the bottom of the stack to deal with later.

God is not worried and He’s not confused.

He’s not scared or rushed or hopeless.

He hasn’t pressed pause on your story, and He hasn’t misplaced your prayer request.

He hasn’t rejected or abandoned you or your dreams.

He isn’t dangling bait or trying to tease you. It’s just not in His nature.

He didn’t give you the wrong child or mess up during conception, and He didn’t kill your baby. Nope, He sure didn’t.  


Here’s what He IS doing!

He’s showing compassion in tangible ways!

He’s healing cancer and endometriosis.

He’s dissolving cysts. He’s distributing peace and wisdom into your situation.

He’s creating sperm from nothing.

He’s reshaping and repositioning wombs.

He’s carefully preparing your heart for your promise.

He’s creating life and redeeming loss.

He’s re-arranging people and situations and schedules on your behalf.

He’s calming the storm.


He’s reaching out His hand for you.

He’s moving mountains into the sea!

He’s raising dry bones and wounded hearts and dead dreams!

He’s handing out freedom.

He’s answering prayers and He’s speaking!

He’s working on your behalf!!!


So here’s to raising awareness not just for infertility, but for a God bigger than infertility. I hope this week we see more miracle stories than anything else... in order to stir hope in this community and create an atmosphere for miracles to be duplicated!!

If you are anywhere on the “infertility” spectrum... we hope you’ll stick around and dig through our resources. We hope you’ll find community in our online groups. We hope you’ll be encouraged by our social media posts. But mostly we hope you’ll be pointed to Jesus and refueled in your hope!