The Why Before the Miracle

By Elisha Kearns

Many of us know the stories written in the New Testament about Jesus healing the lame, restoring eyesight to the blind, and cleansing the lepers. But did you know the first recorded healing mentioned in the Word of God involved barren wombs?

It’s true.

Just 20 chapters into the Bible we are told of King Abimelech's maidservants who were unable to bear children until Abraham prayed for them and they were healed. Then just a few short chapters later we learn of Abraham and Sarah who couldn’t have children, but God blessed them with Isaac, even in their old age. Not too long after that we read of Isaac and his wife Rebekah who struggled to have children but God blessed them with twins! Can you believe it? Twins! Even before fertility medication! But it doesn't stop there. Later in the same book we learn of Jacob and Rachel who were also barren, but God healed and blessed them as well. And we can’t forget Hannah who after many long years (perhaps over a decade) of suffering and heartache, God not only blessed her with Samuel, but five more children. FIVE!

And while I find all of this fascinating, because let’s face it, there is always something special about the first mention of a miracle in the bible, what I find most hopeful in each of their stories is this: not one time does God ever mention why they were unable to conceive.

He could have easily told us it was due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes, low ovarian reserve, massive fibroid's, poor egg quality, uterine lining issues, or even no uterus. Or he could have at least mentioned that it had nothing to do with her but rather an issue with her husband.

But He didn’t.

And do you know why I find this so fascinating and hopeful? I believe it shows that it didn't matter why and it wasn't important to God to mention why because ultimately when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter.

At least to Him.

Because when He planted this desire deep within the soft fertile soil of your heart, He wasn't looking at your medical chart and what stage of endometriosis your doctors say you are in. He wasn't looking at your bank account or insurance coverage to determine if medical intervention was an option. He wasn't  looking to see how many Fallopian tubes you have or do not have. He wasn't counting your husband's sperm and checking to see if they were "usable." No, sweet friend. The only thing He was looking at was His grace partnered with your faith that could and would overcome it all.

Sweet sister, if you are struggling to believe God cares about your unfulfilled longing to be a Mama, know today that He does. His word wasn't written so that you can just know what He did, but also know what He still wants to do. He wants to take you from barrenness into fruitfulness. He wants to take you from lack into abundance. And nothing you are facing or will ever face can stop Him. He gives life when life is “impossible,” and He is the healer of any life that He has created.

Hi friends, Amanda here! When my IG friend @waitingforbabybird recently posted a version of this post, I immediantly teared up. I just knew that this message was exactly what you, my friend, needed to hear. You are not alone in your struggle to conceive, and we're praying for you. If you are still waiting for an unfulfilled to be a mom, please reach out to us so we can pray for you!