I remember the waiting all too well. So many emotions (especially during my clomid cycles...and I know I'm not the only one with crazy clomid stories)! But during many two-week waits I remember feeling hopeful, then crying, then being angry and convinced I wasn't pregnant, then running to the store to buy another pregnancy test (or 5), and many months my emotions went unchecked.

The two-week wait is HARD when you're dealing with infertility or struggling to conceive. I created this resource because I know from experience how difficult the Two-Week Wait (2WW) can be. There were cycles I did things right, but there were many cycles in which my focus was in the wrong place! Is it too crazy a notion that the two-week wait could be different for Christ-followers than it is for the rest of the world? Is it too lofty a goal that, as believers, our struggle to conceive would look different than those who don't know Him? I don't think so at all, my friends. Will you come with me on this journey?

My desire is that these prayers will simply give you a jumpstart in your prayer life during this commonly dreaded waiting period. I pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to you and teach you how and what to pray as you wait month after month. We can allow the Lord to use these weeks to mold and shape us to be a little more like Him as we grow closer to motherhood.

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