Miscarriage & Infant Loss 

Resources, Support, and Encouragement


Get the adult coloring book made specifically for miscarriage and infant loss HERE.


Scriptures to Look Up 

  • Psalm 9:9-10
  • Psalm 23 & 25
  • Psalm 27:1, 14
  • Psalm 91 & 112
  • Deut 20:3-4
  • Isaiah 43:18-19
  • Isaiah 61
  • Matthew  5:4
  • Romans 8

Blessed is she who believed that He would fulfill His promise to her.
— Luke 1:45

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Tips for Getting Through Loss

  1. Allow yourself to grieve. Miscarriage is downplayed so much in our culture and because of this, we can feel ashamed for grieving (since, after all, "it's no big deal"). It IS a big deal. Grieve. And if you have lost an infant that you have held in your arms- you HAVE to grieve. You've suffered a tremendous loss. The most horrible loss. Don't allow anyone to make you feel like it's stupid, dramatic, or ridiculous to be hurting, crying, and grieving. 
  2. Don't rush your grief or put a time frame on it. 
  3. Try not to compare your grief, sadness, spouse, or situation with anyone else's. Comparison is dangerous business. Your situation is not exactly like anyone else's... your healing won't be either. 
  4. Seek help from a counselor, doctor, or mental health professional if you need it! There's NO shame in this! In fact, I commend you, dear friend!
  5. Let this struggle bring you closer to your spouse and not push you away. Communicate! Tell him what you need, specifically. Need to scream your lungs out on a roller coaster? Let him know you need a date night. If you want to be held, he may not know that. Need to be alone and cry? Don't be afraid to tell him. 
  6. Receive support from friends and family. When they offer, say yes. If they ask what you need, give them ideas. Even if it's doing your laundry or bringing you Starbucks.
  7. Don't lose hope in God or your promise!! God is good, and He is faithful! There are plenty of resources for this below... just keep scrolling...

If you've experienced either an Infant Loss or Miscarriage, we're so sorry for your devestating loss. We've compiled stories of parents who have also lost a child and hope that you will feel comforted and supported through them.