Volunteer Opportunities + Application

Updated 04.17.19


Personal Assistant to Lauren Bourne - Lauren is looking for a part-time, volunteer assistant who is willing to help with day-to-day tasks which will vary. May include emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, in-person events (when available) and other tasks related to I Am Fruitful. Must be able to download Voxer and Wunderlist apps on cell phone. (Approx 2 hours/week at your convenience)

Communications - Coordinate prophetic cards, fundraising letters, marketing communications, Christmas Card/Mother’s Day exchanges. This will include coordinating volunteers and making sure direct mail and other communications projects are accomplished within certain timelines. (Hours tbd)

Team Lead: Fundraising and Events (oversee/schedule/etc) - We have some exciting events coming up and we are looking for someone to help us plan our first retreat, upcoming events (including Hope Gatherings) + fundraising.  You will be leading the Events Team, which includes coordinating the event volunteers. (Hours vary depending on specific event).

Facebook Fundraising - Facebook birthday fundraisers are so effective for our ministry, and we’re looking for someone who can send direct messages once a week providing information about the opportunity to host a birthday fundraiser for I Am Fruitful. (approx 30 min/week)

Product Coordinator- We are looking for someone to oversee our products. This will include collaborating with the team on new product ideas, design, orders, launching them, working with our photographer and graphics team, marketing. Creative or marketing experience preferred but not required. (Hours tbd)

Hope Box Coordinator - orders supplies, tracks costs, works with vendors, helps with Hope Gatherings, and distributes Hope Boxes to the shipping partners. Help us develop a smaller version of our Hope Box for hospitals. This person will most likely lead the Hope Box team. (hours vary; talk with Lauren if interested)


Group Curriculum - help launch groups and oversee communications/group leaders/forms/applications/sales. We are hoping to launch curriculum in early 2019.  This position will require occasional in-person meetings as well as weekly Monday morning video meetings. (Talk with Lauren about hours if you’re interested)

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Social Media Team (Content)- provide by email- relevant quotes, scriptures, etc to go on graphics. Provide by email- links to FB articles that might benefit our community (i.e., rainbow baby photo shoot, good sermons, worship video, etc.). (approx 1 hour/week; Wunderlist app required)

Branding Coordinator- We are looking for someone with branding experience to work with our social media team, website volunteers, email campaign volunteers, shipping, product, and events teams to help keep our brand cohesive as we expand our reach and grow our team. Branding & marketing experience required. (Approx 4 hours/week).

Events Team (support)- We have some exciting events coming up this year. If you cannot serve in any of the roles above, but still want to be involved- this is your opportunity to stay connected by serving at in-person events (i.e., setting up before a Hope Gathering, coordinating food, praying at a retreat, etc.). You will be notified of each event and can come based on your availability. This is not a volunteer staff position, and you can accept or decline any opportunity. You’ll be placed on an email list so we can keep you informed. Monday morning meetings and volunteer training not required.


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