Would you rather... ?

This all started from a silly game of "Would you rather" that we played at my ladies small group yesterday. You know, questions like "Would you rather go about your day naked or fall asleep for a year?" We really got to know each other this week. And because of that this game, I've been thinking a lot about choices.  Then this-

I'm at the gym on a machine which I don't know the name of and that I am probably doing completely wrong. All the Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and Fitness Gurus probably want to come over and give me a lesson and set me straight. Thank Jesus that my husband didn't see this mess. But I'm trying my hardest, as precious as it all looks, to crank out a stellar workout in the short time that I have. You know... So my kids aren't acting like hungry little cave people when I go to pick them up from childcare. Yes. Kids do that. 

So I'm on this nameless contraption, out of breath, sweating in obnoxious places but feeling GOOD. You're welcome for the visual of how I feel.


I look over and see two ladies on stationary bikes going just a few mph. One was sidetracked by a little bright screen. The other was reading a book, let's just call her Romance Novel. They were going slowwwwwwww. And the Holy Spirit dropped this thought in my mind so clearly. I would rather spend 20 minutes on Nameless Contraption giving it my all and looking a fool than spend an hour going 5mph on a stationary bike.

Let me be real- Romance Novel was actually Great-Gran. She probably shouldn't be going much faster. And Distracting Screen was probably changing her world with a first class blog post. Who knows. I shouldn't judge. I hope I can still climb onto a bike when I am old enough to have great-grandchildren. 

But guys- here's what the Holy Spirit showed me next! He would rather us spend 5 minutes in His presence than an hour mindlessly reading a devo simply to check it off our lists! 


It's ALL about His presence, my friends. Quiet times are so important. They really are. I crave those hour-long chunks of precious time spent with my Savior. We need them daily! But what about those days when life gets away from you and you have a choice to either slowly trudge your feet around the pedals for a while or go hard for just a few moments. So often we choose neither and just don't do it altogether. We allow distraction and romance novels (Facebook much?) to distract us from what He has for us if we'll just show up and pursue Him with EVERYTHING we have.  

So my challenge to you? Allow God's presence to change you from the inside out DAILY. Even if it's for 5 minutes.