The Word Comes Alive

by Jess Conn

I will never forget the day I saw Lauren post about this amazing journaling bible called, The Message Canvas Bible, by Eugene H. Peterson. Immediately I began to feel a stir in my heart that I needed to invest in one of these bibles. You see, I am one of those girls that always had a journal. I would journal pictures, stories, sermon notes, and things the Lord was telling me. After having children, I started to get behind on my journaling and I just knew this bible was something that would get me back on track!


That night I randomly mentioned to my husband that I was very interested in having one these bibles. I figured it would be great a Christmas present or birthday present and wasn't expecting him to get it anytime soon. My sweet husband, Brandon, just smiled and nodded and agreed that it would be perfect for me. Literally the NEXT DAY Brandon came home with a bag. He told me to open it. It was my own journaling bible!!!! I cried tears of joy and was so excited to dive into this new journey.


This year one of my goals was to spend more time learning and meditating on scripture but at the same time I was having a VERY hard time getting motivated as well as remembering them. Since I am a visual learner I often struggle with just hearing the verses. I need to see them, write them, and meditate on them. Once I started coloring the verses in my bible, they came to LIFE! Every detail of the picture helped engrain the verse in my mind. As I colored the verse I would say it over and over and I felt a love for the Word come alive in me again. It's amazing how God used a simple tool such as map pencils and paper to make His word come alive in me.


I'll never forget when God reminded me of something very sweet and delicate. I was coloring every little detail on my verse and I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of how God cares for EVERY detail of our lives.  I know we hear this all the time but it finally felt real in my heart!  He does care! The first verse I colored was, "You're the God who see me" from Genesis 16 (msg).  Immediately, He laid this Psalm 139:14 on my heart.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."


I could already see how He was bringing verses to my mind and weaving the Word together in my heart.  It truly is amazing how much the Lord cares for EVERY detail of our lives and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm so thankful He led me to this bible and that my excitement and desire for the Word has been strengthened.

Worship can come in many forms and I challenge you to find what stirs your heart as you mediate and learn from the Bible. For me it was simply coloring and enjoying my time in the Word. This Bible has changed the way I read scripture, the way I meditate on scripture, and the way I remember scripture.



Thank you Lord for giving us many ways to worship you and learn your Word. May our lives be continually filled with worship for you. Stir in our hearts a desire to know you more. We love you Lord and thank you for your many blessings. Amen



Lauren here! I'm so grateful to my friend Jess for taking the time to share her heart! I love that the Word came alive for her again after she began Bible journaling!! Over the next few weeks, we'll be focusing on our creativity and how it can be used to worships and grow closer to God! I'll post a link below so you can find a good Bible and join us!!

Stay tuned, because we'll be posting a journaling challenge soon!! Check out our coloring book below!