Choosing Adoption

We discussed adoption before I took out my Nuvaring and starting trying for a family. It felt 100 years away, but looking back, I know God was preparing our hearts for a unique way to grow our family. After we’d been trying to conceive for almost 2 years, we went through a series of fertility testing and the results were devastating.

We didn’t really have an option for fertility treatments. I would have given everything at the time for even a 15% chance of conception, but in hindsight, I’m so grateful that the door was closed and locked. I would have spent years trying to break down that door to experience pregnancy, but instead God directed us back to adoption.

I remember that conversation with my husband so well after his results came back. We went to Market Street, ordered a beer and stared at each other for a while. When I look back at that meeting, I’m so amazed at our initial response. We knew that God was asking us to adopt, and we knew that there was a little girl out there that needed us as a family (it’s so sweet, we always saw our first as a daughter which is what God gave us).

Our purpose is to give God glory, and he will do what he does in our life for his glory. Our story includes the beautiful gift of adoption, and it was hard, oh gosh, it was hard. I know that God could miraculously give us a biological child, but in the meantime, he’s given me a heart for the child without a family.

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God used infertility to grow our family through adoption. His miracle was that he brought the most beautiful (if you think I’m biased, join me for a trip to the grocery store where I have to swat people off my daughter because they are obsessing over her! ;), sweet daughter into our life through the gift of adoption. You can let NIAW breed fear in your life, or ask God how he is going to redeem this struggle. 



Guest post written by Amanda Hogue. Amanda is a stay-at-home mama to her sweet adopted daughter. She enjoys long conversations over an iced coffee, mystery novels books, and any type of chocolate. You can find her discussing adoption over on instagram and sharing adoption resources at her own corner of I Am Fruitful

2018 NIAW Graphics

National Infertility Awareness Week
April 22 – 28, 2018

Since National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is coming up, Lauren got to work and created free graphics for YOU to share as you please leading up to and during NIAW! During such a difficult week, we want to spread the hope of GOD and would love to see a shift in the attitude infertility posts. That is why these graphics are uplifting, faith-building, and hope-inspiring!

This is our third year in a row to provide free graphics for the TTC Community! For a TON of ideas on how to bring awareness to infertility, go HERE.

Save these graphics and iPhone wallpapers to your phone and share on social media! 


Free NIAW Graphics!

Hi friends!! If you know me, you know that my husband and I Struggled to conceive all our kiddos (2 on earth and 3 in Heaven). Infertility hits home with me because we spent so many years "in the thick of it." From labels to diagnoses to miscarriage... It was a HARD journey.  

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 24-30 this year, and to help bring awareness to infertility, we've created these free graphics for you to use on social media! Just save, then upload to Instagram or wherever you hangout!

I have one reservation about this whole NIAW. I feel like we could easily get bogged down by the word "infertility." But I want to encourage you that just because you don't have a child yet, does not mean you are infertile yet! We serve a miracle-working God! If you know me by now, you know what's coming next- confess life over your situation and say "I am fruitful." God told us to "be fruitful and multiply!" He desires for us to make babies and grow our families and serve Him through it all!

You'll notice that a couple of the graphics actually say "I am fruitful." This is for ladies who have had children and also for those who have not! This is a confession, a change in perspective, a decision about who you are. Feel free to use #iamfruitful in your post.  Let's support each other, encourage each other, and raise awareness together!


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