Our GIRD YOUR LOINS series continues as we seek the Lord individually about our health and wellness!

3 Steps to a Custom Wellness Plan: seeking direction for your health while TTC

Step Two: Ask God what He wants your health to look like.

If your health is important to you, and I know it is, make time to hear from the Lord. I'm so excited to be doing this with you as He shows me these steps! 

    8 Practical Steps (to hearing from God about your health and fertility): 

  1.   Go somewhere quiet and alone OR do this purposefully with your spouse.
    • If you're doing this alone, find somewhere with no distractions.
    • If you do this together, awesome! Just get quiet before the Lord, together.
  2.   Put on worship music. 
    • If you need a good suggestion, type Bethel into Pandora. 
  3.   Pray. 
    • Invite the presence of God! Invite the Holy Spirit to come and talk to you. Welcome Him into your home and your heart!
  4.   Meditate on a scripture for at least 5 minutes. Here are some great suggestions:
    • Psalm 91, Psalm 119, Psalm 61, Psalm 32
    • Proverbs 31:17
    • Jeremiah 29:11
    • 1 Corinthians 10:31
    • John 10:10
  5.   Ask God specific questions. Begin thinking about what areas you want to focus on... and do this for each one.
    • God, what areas do you want me to begin focusing on?                                                                                                  Nutrition & Exercise, Mental Health, Spiritual Health
    • Is there something you want me to quit worrying about?
    • Is there something I should be paying more attention to?
    • Is there a task I feel I won't be able to handle?
    • Is there something I don't think I could ever give up?
    • God, show me if there is something I'm eating or drinking that is ruling my life.
    • Is there a habit You want me to add, change, or eliminate from my life?
    • Is there a scripture You want me to base this season or challenge on?
  6.   Take purposeful time to listen
    • If this is new to you... just be silent and open to whatever He says. He may speak immediately, or it might be later. Sometimes God speaks in visions or pictures, sometimes in thoughts or single words, sometimes He'll bring a scripture to your mind. Maybe you will have a dream later. Or someone will say something "you needed to hear." 
  7.   Write what He tells you.
    • I always suggest having a journal for these things. You don't want to forget the precious things He tells you.
    • You may not understand until later, so it's essential to be able to go back and read what He's told you.
    • Sometimes what the Lord tells us doesn't make sense yet. Don't discount those things! Ponder on it, keep it, and then do these steps again tomorrow.
  8.   Obey quickly & Make a Plan. 
    • If you feel led to begin working out... add workouts to your calendar.
    • If you think you should cut sugar, go throw out the junk from your pantry.
    • If you feel you're supposed to add something to your diet, make a grocery list.
    • If He gives you a scripture, do something with it! 
    • Maybe God is leading you to eliminate a habit or add a food or exercise, but maybe He directs you to focus on a thought or a lie you've been dealing with. Carve out time from your schedule to spend time focusing on whatever it is He's showing you!

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