Our GIRD YOUR LOINS series continues as we seek the Lord individually about our health and wellness!

I'm really surprised at the direction this series is going- definitely not where I thought it would at ALL. I assumed the Lord put this idea on my heart to gain and share more knowledge about nutrition, exercise while trying to conceive, tips for mental and spiritual health during this process. But instead He's really showing me how each person's health is going to look different, so we're exploring that together. We're focusing on hearing from God for you own health and no one else's.

If God filled out a prescription pad and handed it to you, what would yours look like? If He was your personal trainer or nutritionist and gave you a plan, what would that be? If He was your "shrink," what would He ask you or direct you to do? And would that look exactly like your friends or your husbands plan? Well that's what we're exploring here!

We're so glad you're joining us on this journey, and we love hearing from you! So please send us an email with your thoughts, goals, and questions! What is the Lord showing you?

3 Steps to a Custom Wellness Plan: seeking direction for your health while TTC

STEP 1: Prepare your heart to be obedient to the Lord.

You may be ready to listen, but are you ready to obey? If you're not sure, here are some questions to ask yourself and the Lord. (I highly suggest doing this before you ask Him specifics about your health & wellness. Get alone before God with no distractions and do this until you're ready to be obedient.)

Questions to have a conversation with God about:                                                                                            (this list is not all-inclusive and is simply meant to guide you) 

  • God, Is there an area of my life I'm not being obedient? Why?
  • Do I trust you, God, even in my health?
  • Is there something I'm feeling guilty about related to my health?
  • Is there something from my past related to my health that you want to talk to me about or change my mind about?
  • Am I ready to obey?
  • Am I ready to obey even if it's hard?
  • Is there a lie I'm believing about my health? Something that's not from you?
  • Is there anything holding me back from being obedient in this area?

Let the Holy Spirit speak to you. If you still don't feel like you're ready to obey anything the Lord will direct you in your health and wellness, then just repeat! Continue asking the Lord to speak to you, and He will. 

When you're ready for STEP 2 click (this will be up by Thurs, 2.25)!