We believe there is immense power in testimony, and we are always looking for new testimonies to share so that others can be encouraged and filled with hope. You've been there, you're BRAVE, and your story will stir up hope, inspire, and impact lives!

The word testimony, in Hebrew, comes from a root word that means ‘do again.’ So every time a testimony is spoken, it comes with it, God’s covenant to repeat the miracle.

So the reason we share the testimony is because we want to create the atmosphere for the miracle to be duplicated.
— Bill Johnson


Testimony is POWERFUL

We want to hear how God grew your family, what He did in your hearts during that time, and any miracles you experienced!! Plus pictures! Let's show the world what God did and stir hope for their own family!!

Many years, procedures, tests, and 3 miscarriages later... we are grateful to God for growing our family!!

You do NOT have to be a "writer" to share your testimony! If you're not sure where to start, here are a few questions to get you going:

  • When/how did you realize there was a problem?

  • How did this struggle affect you emotionally?

  • Is there a low point that sticks out to you?

  • What about a high point?

  • Something special God showed you?

  • How did this affect your marriage or other relationships?

  • Was there ever a time you wanted to give up or quit trying?

  • Who was the most encouraging person during that struggle?

  • Was there a turning point or obvious breakthrough?

  • Fav Scripture or other inspiration that you stood on?

  • Did you experience a miracle?

If you have experienced a miracle or a heart change related to infertility or loss, please email your story (in 600 words or less) to You may also send it by using the form below and send photos later.

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