Lauren Bourne

Founder & President of I Am Fruitful


I’d be honored to speak to your ladies. Whether it be a conference, a group, or a retreat… I have a fire burning in my heart for God to speak through me on these topics:

Overcoming Grief & Disappointment

What a strange subject to get excited about. But, I do. And I’ll tell you why- because the Father loves healing women, setting them free, and redeeming what was stolen from them. He’s done it in my life and He’ll do it in yours. And you know what I love doing? Punching the devil in the face. Add a room full of women doing the same thing (while getting free), well just go ahead and cue the hanky-wavin’ church choir! Through God’s grace alone, I’m able to bring an authentic joy and positive perspective to one of the toughest subjects. Let’s not get together and cry. Let’s get together and heal. And punch the devil in the face.


I am passionate about teaching women how to truly thrive in the midst of waiting, in the middle of the battle, or in a wilderness season. We cannot wait until everything is perfect to bear fruit! We should not sit back in complacency while our promised land sits within eye-sight! I haven’t always thrived in the waiting. I’ve had to peel myself off the floor and brush my hair and choose joy. But there’s so much more to it than that. I’d love to talk to your ladies about how we can thrive NOW, and in every season.

The Strong Woman

Not getting what I wanted, when I wanted it (right NOW).. rocked. my. boat. It ruffled my feathers. It made me, quite honestly, pretty ugly and in need of a good crushing. But it was in the crushing that He made me strong (and continues to make me strong every day). He taught me about resilience. He showed me what steadfastness looks like (these qualities that our generation is seriously lacking)! I’d love to empower your ladies to dress themselves in a strength unlike the world’s. What needs to accompany your faith in order to be stronger than the struggle? What does a strong woman really look like?


I think just about every issue in our lives comes down to this one thing: WHO WE ARE.  I relish speaking identity over women and equipping them with tools to help them walk in their identity and callings. But in this generation- we have to combat fear, comparison, and lies more than ever before. What is the truth about who we are in Him? I’d love to come alongside your women and watch them come alive in this area! And don’t get me started on your kids!!! Girl, I’ll get up on a couch and PREACH to moms about instilling identity into their children.

Fertility in the Bible

As a momma who had to wait and war for my miracle babies, these stories have absolutely come alive to me on my own faith journey! Let me take you through 7 stories of God’s faithfulness as it relates to fertility. From Sarah to Hannah to the Shunamite woman…and many in between... these stories are treasures we can cling to during the time we’re waiting on our promise.


I am a dreamer. I love blank journals and old school daily planners and time with the Father– to brainstorm, to hear His heart on a subject, to plan. Throw in a few friends and a cup of coffee, and it’s. the. perfect. moment. It’s my absolute joy to equip women in this area. Whether your ladies desire to begin dreaming for their families, your team needs a nudge in the planning department, or maybe you’re dreamers already and light up when someone says “let’s brainstorm.” Whatever the reason, I’d be honored to share my thoughts, my tips, and my heart on vision-casting. Blank journals highly encouraged but not required.

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