Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to our Stories! We'd love share your written testimony for our followers, we've listed out our guidelines below:

Our lives are a story of God's grace and faithfulness, whether we choose to write them into words or not. Stories can create solidarity, foster healing or teach a lesson. Waiting for God's promise through delayed fertility is hard and can feel lonely, which is why we are interested in your story.

We want to know how God came through and gave you your miracle baby! We want to hear what God did in your heart through the painful process of waiting, or how He reached out and comforted you through your loss. 

We are collecting stories that capture His faithfulness through your darkest night, rather than a detailed timeline of your wait, specifics on your medications, descriptions of your cycle days, medical definitions, etc. Please familiarize yourself with our published stories.


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Our readers are most engaged with stories within the 500-1000 word range. Please include any scripture that you found helpful and how God worked in your heart as you waited to grow your family!