Our heart breaks for your loss through miscarriage and for not being able to meet your sweet son or daughter. They will be so missed here on earth. Here is a community of momma's that have also lost their baby due to miscarriage and we hope their stories will comfort you. 

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The Wurzelbachers

"Thy Will Be Done"

After sharing the news of our bundle of joy, we began planning our lives around this special little gift whom we nicknamed Baby KW. Then on New Year's Eve, the journey we were on took a new and devastating path...


The Swadleys

"God's Unfailing Love"

Harper Beth had a rocky pregnancy from the beginning. We were told by a midwife, with no bedside manner, we were having an ectopic pregnancy and this wouldn't result in a live pregnancy...


The Fischettis

"Be Strong and courageous" 

This verse seemed to get me through many days on my fertility journey. My husband Anthony and I were married just two years ago and never dreamed we would be challenged...


The Kregers

"He Comforts Us In Troubles"

We went in for our 20 week ultrasound, excited to see our little one on the screen, only to have our worlds turned upside down.  The tech left the room, and returned with the doctor...


The Fergusons

"My Story" 

My husband D’Brickashaw and I had been married for almost 3 years when we decided that it was time for us to grow our family.  After few months of trying with a bunch of trial and errors we were able to conceive!  

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The Currans

"Imperfectly Beautiful"

Hope. Redemption. 2015. What a year. Kyle and I had finally come to the decision to start the process of growing our family, since we were in a bigger house and we were ready. 


The Christys

"He Never Left Us"

Tommy and I fell in love in high school. We went to prom and college together. We got married shortly after college. We always said we would wait 5 years to start a family because we were so young and wanted to experience life together before kids...


The Satterfields

"And If Not He Is Still Good"

I have two beautiful children. They are both answers to hundreds of prayers. I remember watching mamas put their babies in car seats at the grocery store and wishing so much that one day I would get to do that simple thing. My kids at school would sometimes slip up and call me "Mama"...


The Huckins

"Waiting on My World to Change"

The excitement was racing in my heart as I waited to see my baby for the first time. Yes, it was my second child—not to mention our first baby was only 5 months old—but it was still just as thrilling as the first time...

The Branns

The Branns

"I Was Made For Loving You"

You know that place... that place in your life that is seemingly without hope? I found myself once again at that place as I was lying on the OB/GYN table hearing the exact words again that I had heard 5 months prior, “There is no heartbeat. Your body has already started the process of breaking down the structure"...


The Bakers 

"Streams in the Wasteland"

Each year as autumn begins to come to an end, the impending season of winter hangs over my head like a foreboding dark and heavy cloud. I feel as though I spend the winter months holding my breath...


The Hunts

"Don't Rely on Science"

While I would never have thought of myself as a women struggling with infertility, the facts seem to say something entirely different. My husband Kam and I got married in college and found ourselves enjoying the married life. We truly were in no rush to have kids...


The Markus Family

"Joy Comes in the Morning"

When I look back on our journey through delayed fertility, miscarriage, and infant loss, this verse just describes the whole journey perfectly. There were so many nights of weeping, crying out, up and down emotions, but God was faithful and finally JOY came in the morning...


The Nobles 

"PCOS, Adoption Loss, & A Miracle"

We began trying to have a baby after 6 years of marriage.  I had never started my period on my own in high school, and the nice doctor at the time made it sound all pretty and easy saying I may need to take a pill to help me get pregnant...


The Bowers 

"He Gives the Childless Woman a Family"

After losing a pregnancy at 12 weeks, my husband and I were devastated and thrown right back into the pit of infertility. My body craved life; both a life to grow from within and a life without tears, frustration, and questioning...


The Zuniga's

"Loss of Life, Whispers from God, & Seeds for Harvest"

The two greatest miracles in my life are my two sons ! I'll start at the beginning. My husband and I were married in 2005, and since my teenage years, I was aware I had an ongoing issue with my menstrual cycle...