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Childhood nickname & why: Coconut from my father because I am "brown on the outside and blonde on the inside" also "JJMcKay" again from my dad. "Mi Hija" from my mother we do alot of nicknames in my family

Family: Husband of 10 years and childhood sweetheart Justin, 3 daughters =Zipporah 8, Trinity 6, and Vienna 2

Salvation: My family was radically saved when I was almost 10. I went from a childhood of crazy to a childhood filled with Jesus overnight.

Favorite/life bible verse: psalm 37:4 The lord spoke this to me when I was first saved. I desperately wanted stability and He has answered my prayer everyday since.

Favorite worship song: Rita Springer's Defender

Who has made the biggest impact in your life? My Step Mother Dawn. She chose to be my Spiritual mentor from the day she married my father. She has walked by my side since and I pray to be just like her someday

Fun facts: Though I was beautician for most of my adult life I am most comfortable and at peace covered in nature hiking and camping with my family, or on horseback with the smell of sunshine and horse all around me.

If I could be a superhero I would be: Definitely Black widow because like duh, that is one strong tough woman!

I’m passionate about: Women's journey to wholeness in all areas. Spiritual and physical, mental and emotional. Even relational. I feel called to walk life with women who need to be encouraged!

The best advice I’ve ever been given: From my father regarding marriage "support your husbands hobbies unequivocally and become a part of them, do this and your husband will always choose you first." I have found this to be steadfastly true.

My favorite weird food is: my husband and I love to can together. We make everything extra spicy, hot carrots, dilly beans, pickles, okra, onions, jalapenos...

Favorite Season: Autumn. Always Autumn.

Fav drink: Sparling water with limes. alot of limes. and coffee!!!!!

Milk or dark chocolate: Dark

Early bird or night owl: Early bird!

Outdoor hike or outdoor patio:  ummm both! Porchin' is my fav at home activity, but we hike all the time too!

Fav vacation spot:  Mineral Springs, Californina

Guilty Pleasure: I read. alot. like alot, a lot.

Something you would never guess about me:  I desperately want to own a rehabilitation ranch someday for whoever God calls there... to use nature and horses, time with Jesus, solitude, good eating and hard ranch work. a Therepy Ranch of sorts for soldiers post war or recovering addicts, people who have suffered losses and need time away... We will see how God develops this dream.