**Voting ends Sunday 2.28.16 at Midnight**

See below for details about this important project! No need to "like" here, simply select your favorite and hit vote.


Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? Adult coloring books are all the rage! We're teaming up with artists across the country to create an adult coloring book for ladies experiencing a miscarriage or infant loss. This collection of designs will form a beautiful and therapeutic tool for grieving couples. Our hope is that they will feel comforted, encouraged, and realize they are not alone. 

Simple rules to enter:

  1. Submit name and email below 
  2. Email your completed design to lauren@iamfruitful.org in .pdf format           by Feb 25

Guidelines for your page:

  • - standard 8.5 x 11'' paper size (vertical)
  • - white paper
  • - black ink only (final copy needs to be very dark for print)
  • - we will need a hard and soft copy of the design (only .pdf needed by Feb 25) 
  • - you may extend the art to the edge of the page, but keep in mind that if you do, some of your art may be cropped for print
  • - Design may include words or be art only, scripture or quote, patterns, flowers, calming designs 
  • You may search for ideas on Pinterest, Google, etc, but designs must be original and not replicated or traced.
  • You do NOT need to be an "artist" to submit a design! Lots of great coloring pages are simple, handwritten words and patterns!
  • We would love to read the story behind your art in 100 words or less, but that is not required to enter.
  • You may submit more than one design, however, you only need to submit the email form once.

The goal here is that when a grieving momma is going through this book, she feels surrounded by other ladies whose desire is to encourage her. Our hope is that she feels comforted, that she is not alone, that things will get better, and that God is FOR her. This book will provide an outlet for her to express herself and have a healthy distraction that aids in her grief process. So please keep that in mind as you begin your design.

This will be Christ-centered, so anything that is rude, vulgar, or goes against God's Word will not be considered. However, it is not required that you include scripture in your art.

*Please note, you will not be paid for your art.

How will we select the winner, you ask?

We will be selecting at least one design to be featured in our published coloring book. We will select the top designs to be voted on by your friends and family and through social media!

Entries must be received no later than February 25, 2016.

Ready, set, design!!