The two-week wait is dreaded by so many ladies who are struggling to conceive. Between the waiting and the testing, it can be hard to have patience and experience peace!

My desire is that these prayers will simply give you a jumpstart in your prayer life during this commonly dreaded waiting period. I pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to you and teach you how and what to pray as you wait month after month. We can allow the Lord to use these weeks to mold and shape us to be a little more like Him and as we grow closer to motherhood.


Free Coloring Page!

We are so excited to be working on a meaningful project for couples going through infant loss and miscarriage. We're creating an adult coloring book specifically for people going through this difficult time. So we're ALL ABOUT coloring right now, if you haven't noticed already! 

We have teamed up with Carrie Fisher over at Itsy Bitsy Store to bring you a FREE coloring page!

Download HERE, Print, and Color to your hearts content! What a great way to get the Word of God down into our hearts through creative expression!

You can thank Carrie by heading over to HER SHOP and checking out her gorgeous hand-lettered prints!!