I'm so thrilled to introduce our artists and designers to you! This team of immense talent is from all over the United States- from the West coast to the East Coast, from Alaska to Hawaii, and we can't forget Texas and everywhere in between! Most of the artists have experienced an infant loss or miscarriage, and all of them have family or close friends who have experienced this type of loss. I tell you that because this book is truly a labor of love- our hearts are in it 100%. This group of artists and designers have given time, talent, tears, prayer– and most importantly they've poured their hearts into the pages that will come together to make one gorgeous adult coloring book. Get to know them a little bit while you wait for our book to release!

Make sure and scroll to the bottom to check out our talented cover art designer, Jason Ratner, plus a sneak peak of the inside of our book!  

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Lauren Bourne

Brittany Baker

Jennifer Blossom

Nikki Boles

Dreama Camphuysen

Sheena Demello

Carrie Fisher

Ashley Haake

Lindsey Hornkohl

Bethany Lee

Katie Miller

Elisa Rumbo

Elizabeth Sanders

Leigh Thompson

Alexis Ward

Jason Ratner

Jason is the amazing graphic designer who is in the process of creating our cover. How did we find such talent, you ask? He entered (and won) a contest with the page you see below. The voters chose well, and now we have an amazing cover to go with his initial page! Here's a little sneak peak inside our book!