Amanda Hogue | Website Coordinator

Family: Tyler, Emerson (18 months)

Salvation: I grew up in a Christian home, and watched the Jesus Film when I was about 8 years old. My parents allowed me to watch the crucifixion and the Holy Spirit just drew me to him and I was compelled to give my life to the Lord. 

Favorite worship song: Finally Found Where I Belong by Cory Asbury - this was our couple song when we got engaged and it was sung at our wedding, so it's a long time favorite! 

Fun facts: I grew up in Canada near the Rocky Mountains, went to college in Virginia- met my husband, and we've settled in Texas! 

If I could be a superhero I would be: Wonder Woman! Sometimes I feel like I already am... especially when I'm shopping at Costco with a little one. 
I’m passionate about: Advocating for adoption

The best advice I’ve ever been given: Bloom where you are planted... essentially, thrive where God has placed you

My favorite weird food is: My grandparents are from Holland so we grew up with a few dutch traditions and food, my favorite candy is salted black licorice! 

Winter or summer: Spring or Autumn!
Fav drink: A fresh coffee press OR chocolate milk

Fav vacation spot: Anywhere in the mountains where I can drink my coffee on a porch in the morning and hike in the afternoon! 

I can be found chatting about adoption on Instagram @amandadanae, I’d love to hear from you!