Podcast Resources

Navigating through the adopton process isn't easy, so I've compiled a list of my absolute favorite podcasters. They provide excellent, accurate and up-to-date information. I devoured podcasts in the early days, here's a few of my favorites! 

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Creating a Family Podcast 

If you only listen to one Podcastor on your adoption journey, listen to the Creating a Family Podcasts. Dawn Davenport interviews experts on a variety of subjects, including infertility and adoption. Be ready & have those tissues ready. 

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The Real Mom Podcast

A Podcast for Biological, Adoptive, & Foster Moms. No experts. No topics. Just real talk from real moms about real life.

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Infant Adoption Guide

Tim Elder hosts this incredibly informative Guide on a variety of subjects. Definately helpful while you're deciding exactly what type of infant adoption route to take. 

Fund Your Adoption with Jeremy Resmer


Fund Your Adoption is a podcast created for you, the family considering adoption or struggling through the fundraising process.