Creating a Profile Book 

By Amanda Hogue 

Creating a profile book for an adoption can be daunting and super overwhelming because how do you explain to someone how great of a parent you are going to be? I wanted to put absolutely everything in our book, every experience we'd shared, and squeeze every photo of us into the book that I could find... which resulted in a messy, unclear picture of who we are!

After we started with our second agency, I approached our profile book with a different mindset. I wanted the message to be clear and consistent, which I think we accomplished in this version. I felt really lost when I was working on our book, so I hope it helps you to see a completed book.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.04.33 PM.png

Greeting Page

I felt that it was important to include a "dear birth mother letter" at the very front of this book. While this book is our story, it was compiled to show her how much love and respect we have for her in making an adoption plan for her child.

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Can I just say that I could have written an entire page about how much I loved meeting my sweet husband? 

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Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.13.26 PM.png
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I did a page spread for each of our families, which I'm not showing here to respect their privacy. Essentially, I just described each of our families and listed the cousins our future child would have with photos of all of us. 

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We used Mixbooks and printed about 15 paperback copies to distribute; we signed up with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) and had exposure to a few agencies. They all required a few paper copies. Mixbooks was amazing to work with because they have excellent promotions, and when they found out that our book was for an adoption, they gave me two versions of the PDF file; so don't be afraid to ask for it! Also, don't rush the process like I did... order a single copy to review. I would have made some changes to the fonts, but I don't think it really mattered in the long run! 

I sat on our couch for an entire weekend to create this book, it took a collective 24 hours. I wanted it to be extremely thoughtful and to be honest, it was really sweet to go through our photos and put together a "highlight reel". It reminded me of what a beautiful life that we share together, just the two of us. We didn't opt to do any photo shoots for our book, partly because of the money (ok, mostly! We were trying to put all of our money towards the adoption) and also because I was fine with showing the authentic version of ourselves.  So most of these are actually cell phone photos!

If you're getting ready to work on your profile book, take some time to enjoy the process and reflect on the life that you've created with your spouse. Plus, it was a really sweet excuse to have him write a couple little paragraphs about me! 

For additional ideas on creating a stunning profile book, follow on instagram. They also partner with @bigtoughgirl who gives guidance on families working on their profile books! 

*this post was not sponsored in any way ;)