Once you decide to adopt, the journey can seem like it takes forever! There is so much heartbreak and grief in adoption, but it's also a picture of God's desire for us to be adopted into his family. Here's a few stories of momma's through adoption that will be an encouragement through the process. 


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Jillian Jones

"Ending the Orphan Crisis, For One Child”

I kept thinking of the orphan crisis, and what would happen when I returned home. They would continue to grow up. And then they would grow out. And the cycle would continue while I lived my privileged life. For the time I was a visitor in their country, I would be the "Mother Theresa" they needed.  I would 'save' the orphans, for a short while. I would hold them, kiss them, feed them, pray for them, play with them, and then I would leave them.

The Sorrills

"We Could Have Missed This”

“Do your arms ache for a baby or does your body ache for a pregnancy?” And that’s when it hit me. I didn’t care if I ever got pregnant, what I wanted was a baby that I could love and nurture as a mother. I didn’t care how that baby came to our family…


The Satterfields

"Waiting on My World to Change"

I have two beautiful children. They are both answers to hundreds of prayers. I remember watching mamas put their babies in car seats at the grocery store and wishing so much that one day I would get to do that simple thing. My kids at school would sometimes slip up and call me "Mama"...


The Hogues

"Leaning into the Comfort of God”

We started buying pregnancy tests from the Dollar Store in bulk because they're expensive. And it was always a negative result anyways, so why spend the money? After 2 years of “trying”, we decided to be tested for “infertility”… joking that despite all of our efforts, maybe we were doing something wrong? 


The Rumbos

"Dreams Come True"

Today, I would like to share 3 photos with you with some small stories. At the end of this, I hope you will understand why we firmly believe that His love for us is greater than the belief that what happened to us is tragic. And I hope that at the end of this, these three photos will inspire hope in you to Believe Despite also!